Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mare in the Moon: Pages 9-12

This will be the last set for this week. However don't worry, there is more to come next week!


  1. I kinda expected Twilight to be more afraid of food poisoning. Hearing "special recipe" would be a good point to freak out.

  2. that was an alternate I was juggling with. I decided to go with the parents are dead part here because I felt it was more tragicomic and added more tragic vibes to the character of Applejack.

    There's plenty of room for lies and suspicions in the future >:)

  3. Yes, my suggestion was pretty obvious. I should have known, You thought of that.

    Nice use of Apple Bloom's puppy dog eyes.

    I like the yellow boxes a lot, keep them coming :)

    Judging from Pinkie Pie's red boxes, and certain other fanfiction, she probably has a "special recipe" of her own, that nopony must know about.

    I just noticed, that Applejack's family is all mares except for Big Macintosh. It bugs me about the show. Yes, there are adventure books for boys, with mostly males, and this is a show made of toys for little girls, but they are the population of a town. What happened to all the males? Even a 70% females society wouldn't seem much out of place, but 90%+ is a trek to creepytown. I mean, where are all the stallions in this show? Are they all working in the mines or something? Maybe the mares keep their husbands at home? Even social events and public service, like winter wrap up seem to have mostly mares. What's with that? Plus more males would give all the shippers something to work with.

  4. While the "special recipe" is an obvious choice. I hope to give a bit more reason and explanation. Cupcakes gave the character such a cool spin that it's hard to ignore especially when you start looking at everything surrounding the character with it in mind.

    There's something terribly off with Ponyville. Also note how almost all of the males are lacking in intellect or just completely submissive to the whims of the mares.

  5. The way I see it, Equestria is a matriarchal society, and a working one at that (closer to "New Age" matriarchy, than that imagined by the recently divorced). I complain more about general lack of males than their attitude (and being mostly irrelevant).

    As a side note: Diamond dogs seem to be all male. That is even weirder, but perhaps only males work in the mines, and their families are elsewhere.

    In any case, I'm curious, where will you get with this comic. I especially like all the yellow boxes. Keep them coming :)